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Padamshree Chander Prakash Vohra

One who all of us look up to. Cool, collected, with poise galore. He is a Geologist of some repute, and has made his mark in the world, to say the least. Climbed Mount Everest way back in 1962, when it was not an easy task. He was awarded the Arjuna Award ( the Indian award givin to outstanding sportspersons) and the Padamshree ( award for outstanding service) for this feat. He was also the Deputy Leader for the first Indian Antarctic Expedition in 1982.

Dad (affectionately called Papa) was also awarded the National Mineral award and was the first Indian geologist to kick start a formal study of Indian glaciers. He has visited some of the important glaciers in the world.

Dad studied at Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir state of India. He worked all his life with the Geological Survey of India, finally retiring as its head ( Director General) in 1994. He is now settled in Chandigarh, but, by no stretch of immagination, "retired".  He is very active with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Coals and Mines and Indian Mountaineering Foundation amongst other things