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The three offsprings:

Sanjiv S Vohra     The eldest of the lot. Did his schooling at Chandigarh  and Lucknow. After that decided to join the Indian Army, which he did from National Defence Academy. His better half is Mohinita who is presently an instructor at Inlingua in New Delhi. They have two children, Amrita, age 11 years and Tanveen age 5 years. The kids are studying in Springdales School in New Delhi.

Manjiv S Vohra    The younger sibling. Did his schooling from Chandigarh and Lucknow. He did his Chemical Engineering from Chandigarh and his Mastres in Environmental Engineering from Tulane University, USA. He is also a MBA. presently, he is CEO of Environmental Chemical Corporation in Burlingham, California. His better half is Poonam, a doctor by profession. She is presently preparing for her USMLE in San Francisco.

Palvika Vohra     The youngest of the lot. She did her education from Bhutan (Samchi), calcutta and Chandigarh. She is also a MBA from University of San Francisco. Presently she is trying to make up her mind on what to do next (Ouch!!!).