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What's New
Sanjiv finally finished with his first semister exams for MBA ( DLP from Institute of Management Training, Gaziabad, India) in the first week of Jan 04. Results are out in the first week of Feb 04.

Manjiv and Poonam were in Hong Kong for about ten days in Nov 03. Really had a blast !

Palvika is back in Chandigarh - lock, stock and barrel.

7 Jan was Amrita's birthday. It was celebrated in a quiet maner at Delhi.

22 Jan is Nanu and B-2 anniversary.

Delhi was cold (3.2* C) and foggy ( visibility 10 m) for most part of Dec 03. In Jan 04, the cold has eased up but the fog remains.

Anee and Sonia (from Chicago) were in the Dominican Republic for a well earned vacation.

13 Jan was "Lohri". Those who remembered it celebrated with a bonfire and religious incantations(?!).

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